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High Volume Turning


Late 2017, BRG took delivery of a DMG Mori NLX 2500|700 Mill turn CNC Lathe.

This enables us to be super competitive on high volume turning and on many occasions beat overseas pricing. Better quality material and product, on time delivery, zero scrap rate and British made parts benefits the customer.


Because of the complexity of the NLX, it means smaller CNC turned and CNC milled parts in high volume have been produced up to the third faster, some even as much as 54% faster! Complex 30 plus operation CNC milled parts can be produced in one hit from bar fed material.


What can the NLX2500|700 do?


Simple 2 axis turning operations, such as drilling, inside and outside turning as well as threading.


More complex 2 axis turning operations with work on the back face using the sub spindle.


Complex multi-axis parts involving CNC Turning, CNC Milling and drilling both single and dual operations done in one hit.


Angled features such as holes, threads, and pockets.


Gear hobbing, used to machine external gears on parts.


What types of material can be machined?



Stainless steel




Mild Steel

Hardened steel


Cast material or products


What industries is it suited too?


We have found the DMG Mori NLX to excel in all industries from Gas and Oil, Motorsport and Automotive machined parts.


UK Made cnc machined drone parts

Recently we have seen a surge in the requirement for CNC machined drone parts, both on a hobby and commercial scale. These machined drone parts range from bushes and collars to bearing housings and main chassis plates and have been an interesting addition to the diverse range of parts we machine here at BRG.

Some customers prefer dealing with us as a UK supplier of CNC machined parts rather than having to liaise with China for their UAV/drone parts.

From feedback quality and part turn around is becoming more important than price.


CNC turned LED light fittings

We have also found an upturn in CNC turned LED light fittings. These range from small but complex 10mm light housing assemblies up to 74mm spot light housings/fittings. Energy saving LED lighting is now becoming the norm rather than an expensive option! How very 2018!


Impeller blade manufacturing

has been a somewhat new venture here at BRG. However, we are finding it’s an interesting addition to our portfolio of CNC machined parts.


High volume CNC turned hydraulic fittings

Batches ranging from 100s to tens of thousands suit the 20 station NLX due to its rigid construction and added automation.


Fire protection and prevention cnc machined parts.

These currently range from the cnc machining of cast sprinklers through to injection nozzles for foam additive applications. Materials including bronze, stainless steel and duplexes.


Parts completed on an urgent basis - excellent.  Very grateful.

Automotive Customer, South Coast

You made them perfectly.  The mould pieces fitted together perfectly.

Dave H, Automotive-Automation

I’m looking forward to seeing some more of your Team's stirling work!

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